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Global effects are special modifiers in Alchemic Jousts. Global effects will grant bonuses and/or penalties to both players in the Joust.

List of global effects[]

Name Icon Description
Aerial Growth GE0009.png Flying Elementals able to damage Towers will be born Giant.
Air Mastery GE0001.png Base Air generation is multiplied by 3.
Air Spam GE0016.png Any Air Spell or Enchant cast will also cast an Air Elemental.
Central Surprise GE0027.png Every 20 seconds 2 Elementals will be cast on the center of the field, each one facing a different Tower.
Double Fun GE0011.png Double Elementals (CDElementalDoble.png) will turn into 2 Simple Elementals (CDElementalBase.png) if damaged.
Enemy at the Gates GE0023.png Zones can't be captured. The closest Zone to each Tower will be owned by the opposite Player.
Eternal Effects GE0008.png Duration of most effects acting on Elementals is multiplied by 2.
Fight Club GE0026.png Most Elementals killed in combat will be reborn under the opposite Player's control. It can only happen once per Elemental.
Fire Mastery GE0003.png Base Fire generation is multiplied by 3.
Light Exchange GE0019.png 3 Flash Elementals are cast every 25 seconds in a different Tower, starting on the first Tower reached by an Elemental.
Magic Counterattack GE0018.png Any Elemental killed with a Spell or Enchant will be reborn under the opposite Player's control.
Meteor Shower GE0020.png Every 60 seconds Meteorites will be cast. Any Elemental killed by them will be reborn under the opposite Player's control.
Ping Pong GE0022.png First Player to reach the enemy Tower with an Elemental will grain an effect increasing all Resources generation by 15 and providing a 50% Cooldowns reduction. Bounces between Players every 30 seconds.
Production Race GE0006.png Skill Costs are reduced by 20%.
Sacred Magic GE0013.png Sacred Magic will be cast on all new Elementals created.
Shield Wall GE0012.png Shield will be cast on all new Elementals created.
Spawner Enchants GE0025.png Casting an Enchant will also cast a Simple Elemental (CDElementalBase.png) of the same Element.
Sticky Landscape GE0024.png Buffs can't be cast, but the map will already have Buffs on it.
Unstable Zones GE0005.png Amount of captured stones by any Elemental is multiplied by 2.
Very Special GE0017.png Casting a Special Elemental (CDElementalEspecial.png) will create a second identical Elemental.
Water Mastery GE0002.png Base Water generation is multiplied by 3.